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See me at HUGGLETS  Winter bearfest, Kensington, London. 24 Feb 2019






Avatar 2015 Judges Choice Award

I am very pleased to announce that Bears of Bath has just been nominated as a Category Winner at the Excellence In Bear Artistry Awards 2015, this was the public vote which makes it extra special. I will be collecting the two awards tomorrow and will post some photos very soon. Thank you all so much for voting for Sumana the Tiger I am so proud. A list of all the winners can be seen at:




roshan17I have been busily working on a new tiger all this week. Please meet Roshan. Roshan’s name means Illumination in Hindu. He is approx 10 inches high and created from a lovely ivory faux fur which has been scissor sculpted and airbrushed over many hours. Roshan is fully cotterpin jointed and has a Locline armature which allows multiple positioning and also has Locline in his tail so you can curl it round him if you want to! Roshan is available for adoption either through my website or over on Bearpile where he can be instantly adopted. I hope you like him and many thanks for stopping by.


syon20 syon5Please meet my newest Tiger, Syon who has just become available for adoption. Syon stands 11 inches high and is fully articulated with Locline armature. He is created from beautiful ivory faux fur which has been scissor sculpted and airbrushed. Syon has beautiful big 16mm amber glass eyes and has detailed paw pads which have all been individually sewn and airbrushed. Syon can be found at where he can be instantly adopted.



bob2015 Hugglets Teddies 2015 at Kensington, London. Sunday 13th September 2015. Had a brilliant day @Hugglets yesterday, so many of the bears found new homes. It was fantastic to personally meet so many collectors and Bear Artists I have known online.







Please meet Sadie a new Cat who will be accompanying me to Hugglets next week. She is approx 11 inches high and created from a lovely mixture of faux furs and mohair. Sadie is fully positionable as she has LocLine in all her limbs including her very long fluffy tail. She has stunning 16mm amber eyes with black eyelids. I hope you like her?





Really excited for Hugglets. The bears have even made it to the Teddies 2015 Advert. We’re at Stand 128, Hall 4.

Choose from over 10,000 bears and related collectables. 170 stands in 4 magical bear-packed halls







orion1Please meet Orion who’s name means ‘Son of Fire’ in Hindu. Orion looks a little bit different to the photo I posted yesterday. He is approx 11 inches when sat up and is fully cotterpin jointed, with Locline on all four legs and also on his tail, so is multi positionable. He has beautiful 16mm amber glass eyes with black eyelids and white faux cashmere accents. I am really pleased with the way he turned out and can’t wait to show his off in the fur at Hugglets on the 13th of September.




hugglettigerThe Tiger is now cut out and sewn together. I have put Locline in all four limbs and the tail. He is now ready for all the airbrushing which is my favourite part of making the tigers. Each part will be airbrushed separately so that when they are jointed together the colour will cover the tiger completely. (No white lines where the joints are) This stage takes several hours to complete and a lot of drying time.




tigerheadThis is the start of the new large Tiger ready for Hugglets on September the 13th. As you can see he doesn’t look a lot like a tiger at the moment. His head is created from 9 separate panels which are sewn together then scissor sculpted to give him his shape. The ears are made from mohair and faux fur.
I have used a coral cashmere for his nose and mouth, this will get toned with difference colours when I airbrush him later on.



tarli14Please meet little Tarli (Star) the Tiger Cub. (She looks a bit different here to the earlier photo) Tarli is 6.5 inches high and created from a lovely new Steiff Schulte fabric which was wonderful to use and holds the colour beautifully. She is scissor sculpted and airbrushed over several days. Tarli is available for adoption through Bearpile where she can be instantly adopted. Hope you like her and many thanks for looking. Kindest regards Carol and Tarli xxxx




whitetigerThis is a new mini Tiger I am currently working on. This is what they look like before airbrushing. A rather bare Tiger. This little one has been created with a new fabric from Schulte Steiff Ice White dense pile 8mm.

I’ll post another photo later on of the finished work. Airbrushing is created in several layers, gradually building up the colour and detail. Each coat has to be left to thoroughly dry before the next can be applied.





tigerbeginsGetting ready to work on a new large tiger for the Hugglets Show in Kensington, London on September 13th. New supply of LocLine has arrived so I’m ready to go. I will post up photos as I am creating her. Doesn’t look a lot like a tiger yet !



Exciting news, have just listed the 1,000 bear on Bearpile. If you are going over to check out all the bears don’t forget to have a cup of coffee with you. A huge section of my back catalogue is there for you to look through. Hope you enjoy them all.